From Mythology to Misogyny

For content, reading my article on Jung and Plato will help make this make more sense. Recall that as a society we invent certain Archetypes, or general ideas, that get stored within our collective unconscious and affect the stories we create. These stories and Archetypes give us access to general wisdom, as we can see how our … Continue reading From Mythology to Misogyny

What Do I Do? – Virtue Ethics

If you missed the intro to my Ethics series where I covered Utilitarianism, catch it here. That's Ancient History Today I take you back to the shores of Ancient Greece. Here Aristotle, Plato's most famous student, built upon the philosophy given to him by his teacher. Aristotle's ideas were hugely influential. You can find pieces … Continue reading What Do I Do? – Virtue Ethics

What Do I Do? – Utilitarianism

I started off my education in the Life Sciences. Because of my stereotypical STEM-attitude, I tricked myself into thinking that the more "abstract" branches of Philosophy such as Epistemology (the study of knowledge) or Metaphysics (the study of existence) were a bunch of BS. Ethics, with its more applied subject matter, seemed a lot more … Continue reading What Do I Do? – Utilitarianism

Plato, Jung, and the Zombie Apocalypse

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for the response to my first post! Much to my surprise, 'Philosophy' was the most voted-on topic in my polling. In my day-to-day life, I'm not used to being around people who feel like they need more Philosophy in their life. Whether you've studied Philosophy before or not, … Continue reading Plato, Jung, and the Zombie Apocalypse